Anarchist actions on election day in Fort Collins

7 Nov

Election day in Fort Collins, CO was marked by a number of anti-electoral politics actions, critical of both the Democratic and Republican campaigns and the system as a whole that they represent.

In the early morning, a banner was displayed from the rooftop of a downtown building, exclaiming “our dreams won’t fit in their ballot boxes.” The banner, “Obama blue” in color, stayed up throughout the day and was still present the day after the elections were over.

Later in the day, several people, apparently volunteers for an organization called Capitalism and War Forever, handed out literature outlining core American values. They suggested that a vote for either party supported these values of capitalism, imperialism, anti-immigrant sentiment, war and occupation, and other traditional American ideologies.

In the wee hours of the morning after the election, many newspapers in the city and on campus were altered, displaying a front page declaring “Capitalism Wins at the Polls.” The paper included anarchist perspectives on the 2.3 million people imprisoned in the U.S., the corporate bailout, and how people are organizing themselves and taking direct action to meet their needs.

It seems not everyone in Fort Collins believes in the continuation of state power and it’s illegitimate authority.


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