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Denver action in solidarity with insurrection in Greece

21 Dec


While most people were driving in a hurry from one holiday shopping excursion to the next a small group of angry elves took to a bridge in the heart of Denver and dropped two banners. These banners hung in hopes to remind people that struggle still exists both in Greece and at home.

The banners that hung over I-25 in between Speer Blvd. and 20th St. read:

“Greece burns for us (a)ll! Denver is next! (a)”
“Dear DPD, News from Greece: cops are flammable! xoxo, (a)”

The police are not our friends. They are not here to help or protect us. They serve and protect the state and the most economically elite classes. This makes them enemies. They’re shooting our comrades across the globe. They are a dispicable gang at best and hateful executioners at worst. Denver’s angry elves echo the sentiment of Oklahoma’s banner. We can hold hands while we destroy those that seek to destroy us.

While Greece burns for us (a)ll…we should focus on bringing the social war home!

Solidarity and hearts aflame,



Fort Collins: Bank Attacked in Solidarity with Greece

20 Dec

Anonymous communique:

A Wells-Fargo bank in Fort Collins, Colorado had a window smashed last night. This action was in solidarity with the social insurrection in Greece and with immigrants and prisoners everywhere. It was also done as direct action against capitalism.

Not only is Wells-Fargo one of the major institutions of capitalism, it also invests in the Geo Group, a corporation that builds and operates ICE prisons and the u.s. prison camp at Guantanomo.

In the shattering of the bank window, we hear the voice of resistance. Give fuel to the fire!