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Anarchist banner drops in Boulder

23 Feb
A number of banners have been held or dropped over various overpasses in Boulder in the last few month. The Banners were very large and read with various messages, including, “THE SYSTEM IS STILL RACIST,” and “HOPE IS THE LEASH OF SUBMISSION.” Banners seem to have been dropped to coincide with various dates, including election day 2008, Inauguration day 2009, and Presidents Day 2009.While only one banner was dropped on election day, and only one on President’s Day, possibly 6 banners were dropped on inauguration day. Some banners lasted only 15 minutes, while others seemed to stay up for days. Witnesses describe seeing police harassing the banner-protestors on top of overpasses during rush-hour on inauguration day. Nobody knows exactly who is doing these drops, but there was some reference left at the scene of one of the overpasses to “the edukators.”