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Fox News crew attacked with hoe

29 Aug

The story is from Florida, but the story is too sweet to pass on.   Realize that we at ’til it breaks have to rely on these corporate media assholes for stories even while we hate their guts.  So it don’t get any better than this.

Some pushy reporters with two filming cameras knocked on a door in their search for a sensational story about underage stripping. The lady of the house came out wielding a garden hoe and chased off the reporters, and struck  a video camera with the hoe at least once.

We are not providing the video link because the badass camera-smasher obviously didn’t want to be filmed.

Armed standoff against police in Cortez

28 Aug

One person made a 17-hour standoff against the police at a home in southwest Colorado when deputies attempted to serve warrants for a robbery. One deputy was shot in the arm but not seriously injured. In the end, the person was killed.,0,2861533.story

‘Shaggy’ suspect arrested

28 Aug

Spree of 17 bank robberies meets tragic end

kdvr: LONGMONT, Colo. – A man believed to be responsible for 17 bank robberies in Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico is in custody after an SUV matching the suspect vehicle description was pulled over in Longmont Thursday afternoon.

The FBI says an alert bank teller at First Tier Bank in Boulder saw a male matching the description of the so-called ‘Shaggy Bandit’ enter the bank, and then leave without incident. That employee called 911.

Police pulled over the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Michael Kincade, and the driver of a maroon Ford Bronco, 45-year-old Christopher Richardson, in the parking lot of a Red Lobster in Longmont.

Both were taken into custody without incident.

He’s suspected in more than a dozen robberies in Colorado, mostly in the Denver area. The FBI also believes he robbed a Wells Fargo in Albuquerque, N.M., on June 30 and a Peoples Bank and Trust in Hutchinson, Kan., on July 14.

Investigators say no gun or other weapon has been used.

Full story here.

Democratic Party headquarters smashed

26 Aug

The headquarters for the Colorado Democratic Party had eleven windows smashed out early Tuesday morning.  It happened on  exactly the one year anniversary of the Democratic National Convention.   The person arrested for the act was bailed out from the Denver County Jail on Wednesday.


The following corporate news stories are ridiculously inaccurate and off-base.  For even better laughs, check out some of the blogs out there.



‘Shaggy’ robs 13th bank

24 Aug

FBI still floundering

9news:  BOULDER – The FBI now believes the same man has committed 13 bank robberies and he still hasn’t been caught.

Investigators believe the man they call the “Shaggy Bandit” because he looks like “Shaggy” from “Scooby-Doo” robbed another bank on Thursday, this time in Boulder.

They believe he robbed a First Bank inside the King Soopers on 30th Street.

Grand Junction: Fun Liberation Front strikes again

23 Aug

Reclaims streets from stuffiness and boredom


It all started this morning.  With a declaration of war between two collective houses:

….We expect to meet you in a splashing good fight. Be Ye There, or Be Ye Square.

It ended in a pitched battle in the roundabout at 7th and Main, that stop traffic, reclaimed our streets for something other then just the same old consumption and capitalism.  A bus-driver stopped his bus in the roundabout and demanded a balloon and threw it into the melee. Traveling kids, collective members and some not-so innocent by-standers, all liberated the stuffy through-fare of commerce for a bit of fun, and some much needed cooling down on this 100 degree day.

The Fun Liberation Front, is everywhere, is no where, is everyone, no one, and any one. Take up this name and liberate your day from wage-slavery, traffic cops, consumption, and boredom. See you in the streets.

Denver private investigator shot four times

21 Aug

This story is about a week old; we missed it on the mainstream news but picked it up from our buddies at Snitchwire:

A workers compensation investigator in Denver was saved by his backpack when his surveillance target, claiming he was unloading “at a bear,” plugged him four times after allegedly yelling at the PI. Eh… However

“The operative – whose name is withheld here for his safety – told officers he was conducting an investigation regarding possible insurance fraud. Court records indicate he was working for Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s largest worker’s compensation insurance provider. It regularly retains private investigators to watch employees who have submitted worker’s compensation claims, to try to obtain video documenting that the employee is not injured, not injured as severely as they claim, or not hampered by the injury in the way they claim.”

What an asshole! After Marshall Lawson fired his .22 at “a bear,” he was subsequently arrested after the PI (unnamed) drove back into town, realized he had nearly been killed, and called the police. Lawson is being held on first degree attempted murder charges with bond set at $150,000. Fucking bears.

‘$83’ bandit has robbed 8 banks

20 Aug

Between ‘Shaggy’ and ‘$83,’ this is starting to resemble a home-run competition.

By the way, these stories as they appear in the mainstream media always include lots of physical descriptors, pictures, and encouragement to contact the police with information. Remember: nobody likes a snitch. We edit that stuff out so you don’t have to be tempted to snitch. yesterday:

DENVER – The FBI is hoping the public can help them catch a man they have dubbed the $83 Bandit. They believe he’s robbed eight banks in the Denver area since March.

The FBI says he usually enters the bank and presents a note demanding money. He never shows a weapon, but has threatened the use of a weapon in his note.

He then takes the money and leaves the bank.

He is named the $83 Bandit because there are threes in the amount he asks for, according to the FBI.

‘Shaggy’ bank robber still at it!

20 Aug

This story is incredible. We let you know about Shaggy’s story here when the FBI started making the manhunt public almost two weeks ago.

You’d think seeing your picture plastered on every news source would make a bank robber hole up for a while. Not this guy. Not satisfied with 11 banks, Shaggy went for an even dozen.

Shaggy, we admire your courage. Don’t get caught!

9news, yesterday:

FBI: ‘Shaggy Bandit’ strikes again

DENVER – Investigators believe the man they call the “Shaggy Bandit” because he looks like “Shaggy” from “Scooby-Doo” struck again on Tuesday.

The FBI now believes he has robbed 11 banks in Colorado and one in Arizona.

Best Buy has ‘no-chase’ shoplifting policy

18 Aug

A recent shoplifting fiasco at a Denver-area Best Buy store has brought to light the fact that employees of the store are instructed not to pursue a shoplifter once they leave the store and also that they are not allowed to make physical contact with a customer or shoplifter, for safety (liability) reasons. From the Denver Post article:

  • A Best Buy spokeswoman… said company policy is not to pursue shoplifters out of the store.
  • [The fired employee] said Best Buy has a policy that store employees are not to come into bodily contact with customers or shoplifters.

Just sayin’…