Colo National Park building trashed

5 Aug

The “Colorado National Monument” is the nationalist and absurd name for an area of canyonland near Grand Junction that has been designated a National Park.

Denver Post: A historic shelter was trashed at the Colorado National Monument late Monday night or early Tuesday, the National Park Service said today.

Vandals broke windows, sprayed a fire extinguisher throughout and left a mess, according to the Park Service.

Investigators said vandals apparently walked into the area of the Devil’s Kitchen stone picnic shelter, as the parking-lot gate was closed and locked for the night. Once at the shelter, the vandals broke 21 panes of glass, some original to the building, and also a mirror.

They also broke into a service closet, emptied a fire extinguisher onto the picnic tables and the ground area, broke door handles and latches, scattered debris and left human excrement.

The shelter was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1941. The picnic area is used by more than 100,000 visitors annually.


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