Wheat Ridge bank robbed

8 Aug

“Shaggy” has robbed 11 banks in CO and AZ

FBI Investigation Hasn’t Panned Out

Denver Post:

On Friday, a Wells Fargo Bank in Wheat Ridge was robbed and is one of almost a dozen bank robberies that may be linked to a “low-key” bank robber dubbed the “Shaggy Bandit” by investigators with the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force (RMSSTF).

The bank robber was named by investigators because he reminded them of the cartoon character and Scooby-Doo sidekick, Shaggy. Authorities think the Shaggy Bandit has robbed 10 banks in Colorado and one in Arizona.

“We haven”t given him a lot of media attention, but nothing has panned out for us. We hope people will recognize him,” said Kathy Wright, a spokeswoman with the FBI.

The bank robberies began in June 2009 and have occurred in Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Flagstaff, Ariz., Arvada, Aurora and Wheat Ridge.

Authorities believe the bank robber has an accomplice who drives a get-away vehicle.



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    […] still at it! 20August09 This story is incredible. We let you know about Shaggy’s story here when the FBI started making the manhunt public almost two weeks […]

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