Colorado banks stealing more homes than ever

14 Aug DENVER – State housing officials say foreclosure filings hit a record high in the second quarter with 12,135 homes entering the initial proceedings of bank repossession.

Nearly 5,000 foreclosures were completed, meaning the homes were returned to the bank, according to Colorado Division of Housing figures released Thursday.

During 2008, there were 39,333 total foreclosure filings and 21,301 total completed foreclosures.


One Response to “Colorado banks stealing more homes than ever”

  1. Sean 21st Feb 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Hey, I wonder if you heard about this. I don’t see an email on the website or publication.

    It was in Ohio, unfortunatly.

    Frustrated Owner Bulldozes Home Ahead Of Foreclosure
    Man Says Actions Intended To Send Message To Banks

    “When I see I owe $160,000 on a home valued at $350,000, and someone decides they want to take it – no, I wasn’t going to stand for that, so I took it down,” Hoskins said.

    He probably violated his loan agreement by doing this, and will be sued, but there is no debtors prison and they can’t take money that he doesn’t have.

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