School vandalism spree does $60,000 in damage

17 Aug

Four Woodland Park youth arrested

Kicking off the school year with a smash

Woodland Park is a mountain town 18 miles from Colorado Springs.

woodland park school vandalism11 News: Woodland Park Police link a fourth teen to a vandalism case Monday. Three other teens were arrested on Friday, all four are accused of vandalizing Woodland Park High School. The crime was caught on camera, and the arrests were made after 11 News aired the surveillance video.

Woodland Park police said the vandals may be the same that have been striking all across town causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Police said they’re still tallying up the total.

In the surveillance video, you can watch them run after they hit Woodland Park High School Wednesday morning. An employee inside tried to catch them, but they got away. It looks like they used bats to smash the windows.

“They did the high school twice. The second time was the day before registration and every kid saw the broken windows when they got to school,” says Sgt. Tom Kinney. There are 30 shattered windows that are either boarded up or covered with plastic.

The criminals also went down the street to the middle school. “The Woodland Park High School and middle school got $40,000 in damage.”

The vandalism spree didn’t stop there. Police say a few businesses in Woodland Park have also been hit since the beginning of August. They also targeted a home under construction. The price tag for the destruction: $20,000.

Apparently, the vandals never stole anything. They would just smash and run away. < video

*The video at the first link is worth watching!* — couldn’t figure out how to embed it, but do take the time to follow the link.


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