‘$83’ bandit has robbed 8 banks

20 Aug

Between ‘Shaggy’ and ‘$83,’ this is starting to resemble a home-run competition.

By the way, these stories as they appear in the mainstream media always include lots of physical descriptors, pictures, and encouragement to contact the police with information. Remember: nobody likes a snitch. We edit that stuff out so you don’t have to be tempted to snitch.

9news.com yesterday:

DENVER – The FBI is hoping the public can help them catch a man they have dubbed the $83 Bandit. They believe he’s robbed eight banks in the Denver area since March.

The FBI says he usually enters the bank and presents a note demanding money. He never shows a weapon, but has threatened the use of a weapon in his note.

He then takes the money and leaves the bank.

He is named the $83 Bandit because there are threes in the amount he asks for, according to the FBI.



One Response to “‘$83’ bandit has robbed 8 banks”

  1. SnitchWire 20th Aug 2009 at 8:32 am #

    Nobody likes a snitch!

    Good luck to Shaggy and the $83 Bandit!

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