‘Shaggy’ bank robber still at it!

20 Aug

This story is incredible. We let you know about Shaggy’s story here when the FBI started making the manhunt public almost two weeks ago.

You’d think seeing your picture plastered on every news source would make a bank robber hole up for a while. Not this guy. Not satisfied with 11 banks, Shaggy went for an even dozen.

Shaggy, we admire your courage. Don’t get caught!

9news, yesterday:

FBI: ‘Shaggy Bandit’ strikes again

DENVER – Investigators believe the man they call the “Shaggy Bandit” because he looks like “Shaggy” from “Scooby-Doo” struck again on Tuesday.

The FBI now believes he has robbed 11 banks in Colorado and one in Arizona.



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