Denver private investigator shot four times

21 Aug

This story is about a week old; we missed it on the mainstream news but picked it up from our buddies at Snitchwire:

A workers compensation investigator in Denver was saved by his backpack when his surveillance target, claiming he was unloading “at a bear,” plugged him four times after allegedly yelling at the PI. Eh… However

“The operative – whose name is withheld here for his safety – told officers he was conducting an investigation regarding possible insurance fraud. Court records indicate he was working for Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s largest worker’s compensation insurance provider. It regularly retains private investigators to watch employees who have submitted worker’s compensation claims, to try to obtain video documenting that the employee is not injured, not injured as severely as they claim, or not hampered by the injury in the way they claim.”

What an asshole! After Marshall Lawson fired his .22 at “a bear,” he was subsequently arrested after the PI (unnamed) drove back into town, realized he had nearly been killed, and called the police. Lawson is being held on first degree attempted murder charges with bond set at $150,000. Fucking bears.


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