Ronald McDonald statue stolen in Denver

4 Sep

ronald mcdonald statueWhen Pam Whitaker arrived at work at the Denver Ronald McDonald House at 6 a.m. Wednesday, Ronald was AWOL from the bench out front.

Thieves had unbolted and absconded with the life-size fiberglass statue of the iconic clown, who had welcomed guests since the house opened at Downing Street and East 21st Avenue in 2001. The Ronald McDonald House provides solace and a place to stay for up to 31 families whose children are in extended care at local hospitals.

The statue is valued at about $3,500, but the memories are priceless, said Whitaker, the home’s executive director. “Whenever kids arrive, he’s the first thing they see,” she said. “They climb up in his lap, and they talk to him sometimes.”

She said a replacement is not in this year’s budget, and she was not sure about the next step in recovering or replacing the statue.

from The Denver Post


2 Responses to “Ronald McDonald statue stolen in Denver”

  1. artstarzz 4th Sep 2009 at 11:49 pm #

    Some peoples kids. Clowns steeling clowns . What’s next ?

    • gendermutiny 5th Sep 2009 at 12:36 am #

      There is a world of difference between these two types of clowns.
      – one is a corporate advertisement using false charity to get poor & sick kids to buy shitty food that will make them poor & sick.
      – the other is a clown in the tradition of the carnival “fool” – who would publicly mock the kings and rulers of the land.
      As anarchists, we have nothing but respect for the clowns who stole that clown.
      As to what’s next, we’re getting wet at the thought…

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