Solidarity with anarchist Ariel Attack!

10 Sep

You’ve heard it by now.  A Denver anarchist named Ariel Attack and a second vandal who got away allegedly trashed the Democratic Party Headquarters a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the update and plea for cash via Friends of Ariel:

On 9/9/09 at 9am, Denver anarchist Ariel Attack made her first court appearance in fine form and fashion.  Ariel was charged with Felony 4 Criminal Mischief and faces 2-6 years in prison plus $$$ if convicted.  Legal defense could help reduce these costs as well as prison time.  Legal costs are estimated at $1,500-2,500 and restitution could be as much as $11,000.  Fundraising is going swimmingly, but more is needed.

Please steal some money from your boss this week and help keep our comrade out of prison.  You’ll be glad you did!  (T-shirts and other commodities are on their way.)
donate ariel attack

Actions of solidarity are also welcome!*   We at ’til it breaks feel the real struggle is against the courts, not in them. And while solidarity with our anarchist comrades is important, we need to work for solidarity with all prisoners and everyone oppressed by the legal system to bring it crashing down.

Finally, you can follow the Denver Anarchist Black Cross blog for more legal updates, and The Boulevardier to keep track of Ariel’s smashing fashion choices throughout the legal process. Oh, and to make contact.

Up the hammers, down the slammers!

– ’til it breaks

*neither ‘Til It Breaks nor Friends of Ariel supports or condones any illegal action nor are we responsible for the actions of our readers.

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