Texas inmate escapes from seventh floor window

22 Sep

Used Bedsheets to Rappel Down Walls

Sept 20: Texas authorities on Sunday were searching for a convicted burglar who escaped from a medical facility by rappelling off the building using a string of bedsheets, officials said.

Joshua Duane Barnes, 21, was last seen at 8:15 p.m. Saturday on the seventh floor of a Texas Department of Criminal Justice medical facility in Galveston, Texas, said TDCJ spokesman Jason Clark.

Security officers noticed there was a hole in the wall and a vent had been removed. According to Clark, Barnes busted a hole through a piece of drywall covering a window in his room and then broke through the thick window.

He apparently tied 40 feet of bedsheets together, rappelled 5 stories down the side of the building to a roof, and then jumped 2 more stories to the ground.

“This is a breach nobody could have predicted in a seventh-story room with a window that didn’t open,” said Michelle Lyons, TDCJ spokeswoman.

The inmate was being housed at a prison in Midway, Texas. He was transported to the medical facility in Galveston last week after being hurt in an altercation, TDCJ said.

The department of criminal justice has tracking dogs and dozens of officers searching the area, Clark said. Local police officers also joined the search.


Police spotted Barnes on Monday near Dallas in a car he had stolen. He jumped out of the car and they made a foot chase. Barnes escaped again.

He then stole another car and is still on the loose as of Monday night.

Earlier escapes

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas said Barnes was hauled into court in Amarillo on June 6, 2008, for a probation violation when he asked to take the stand and testify. Instead of taking the stand, he bolted through an open door and disappeared.

He was captured four days later at a local motel.

He escaped again on Oct. 4, 2008, from the Potter County Jail recreation yard by shimmying up a drain pipe and peeling back the wire at the top of the wall enough to wiggle through onto the roof of a building, Thomas said. Barnes dropped off the building and climbed a fence topped with sharp-edged concertina wire, covering the concertina wire with something, he said. Four days later he was again captured at an Amarillo motel.

Barnes makes jumping from buildings seem like sport. He once leapt from the balcony of a two-story building in Amarillo on May 16, 2006, to escape officers who were trying to arrest him on burglary charges. Police later captured him.

from multiple sources


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