Some more recent prison escapes

23 Sep

Okay, does anybody know a good blog that reports prison escapes? Fire to the Prisons includes these stories in every issue, but they don’t have a blog.

Anyway, we’re on this prison break kick now.  Rather than sticking to local news, here’s a sampling of prison breaks in the US in the past week or so:

  • Louisiana: On Thursday, September 10, an inmate of the Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola) escaped into the woods that surround the prison while out on litter detail. The escapee was caught last Tuesday after a massive manhunt involving hundreds of officers working round-the-clock for 5 days.
  • Alabama: On Sunday, an inmate escaped from the DeKalb County Correction Facility.  The means of escape were not reported except that there was a mistake in the design of the exercise yard. The escapee was caught on Tuesday morning a few miles from the prison when someone called police on a trespassing complaint.
  • Ohio: An inmate briefly escaped from a halfway house in Cincinnati but was caught.
  • Georgia: An inmate escaped from a work crew assigned to clean flood damage in the Atlanta area on Tuesday (today).
  • Southern California: An inmate of the Pilot Rock Conservation Camp, which assigns prisoners to fight wildfires, escaped from the minimum-security camp on Saturday. The inmate was caught.
  • Minnesota: An inmate escaped from a medium security correctional facility in the Twin Cities area on Sunday, setting off a manhunt. He was in the middle of a 56-day sentence, when someone from the outside cut a padlock on a gate, helping him escape from the exercise yard. The suspect vehicle was found by police and the inmate was apprehended.
  • Arkansas: Last Tuesday, an inmate made his way out of a window of a prison transport van.  He apparently leaped headfirst out of the window while the van was making a turn. He was in handcuffs and leg irons. The escapist has twice escaped from a state prison and another two times from county jails. The other inmates in the van refused to cooperate with state police attempting to investigate. He is still on the loose one week later.

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