Pittsburgh: anarchists riot against capitalism

25 Sep

…by the time I went to sleep early the next morning, the list of smashed storefronts was long: McDonalds. PNC Bank. Citizens Bank. Fidelity Bank. Boston Market. Subway. H&R Block. KFC. BMW. And many more…

cop cars got redecorated and rocks were thrown at police.

…Bash Back! contingents and their supporters donned their pink bandanas, glitter and banners and literally hit the town. What I thought was going to be a theatrical march quickly turned into a large band of roaming queers dawned in black. In the back of the march, I began to hear what I originally thought were rubber bullets being shot into the front of the crowd. However, the police had not yet responded to this quickly moving group – the sounds that I had been hearing were actually windows shattering. One after the other – the banks, the corporate chains, the police station, the University of Pittsburgh store were hit by various found objects, U-locks, rocks and wrenches. Bash Back! quickly disbanded – not before setting a dumpster on fire – as the very long line of riot police began to move in on them and the thousands of college kids that were on the Pittsburgh University campus wearing togas, team jerseys and high heels.

texts here and here.

photos here, here, here and here.

videos here.

UPDATES: 193 arrests reported; 23 from the unpermitted march, 40ish from the University Thursday night, about 100 from mass arrest Friday, 1(?) from Bash Back! march; most arrests misdemeanors such as ‘failure to disperse’, 17 people with felony charges. Police counted 19 banks and businesses damaged on Thursday.


“The [People’s Uprising] march has a potential for violence because it is unapproved and the organizers cannot be held responsible for the behavior of the attendees. Our Intel has identified about 400 people who will be attending and an accurate count of all others isn’t feasible. Rest assured that we are well prepared to respond to this march and the possibility of any property damage in the Strip is minimal.

We have amassed the largest grouping of law enforcement officers that this area has ever or will ever see. Take comfort in knowing that we quell any civil disturbance.”

-Message Wednesday from Assistant Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson, who was wrong.

from myriad sources


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