Police conference in Denver, Say No to Napolitano

5 Oct

Today, there will be a protest against ICE-police collaboration and the criminalization of immigrants.

No to Napolitano, and No to All Cops!

Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and FBI Director Robert Mueller will be among the top law enforcement officials speaking at a conference for the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Denver. Each is expected to speak at the conference, and Napolitano will be joining Gov. Bill Ritter Monday afternoon to unveil an educational video for the public about the signs of terrorist planning.

from the Denver Post

Interfaith Community Continues Six Months of Actions and Say to Napolitano
“Put the Freeze on Disastrous ICE-police partnerships”
The American Friends Service Committee & CO Faith Communities Call for the End of Police/ICE Partnerships
And for Just and Humane Immigration Reform

WHEN: Monday, October 5th, 6:00 p.m.

Geo Detention Center
30th Avenue and Peoria Street
Aurora, CO 80010

WHY:  Secretary Napolitano will visit Colorado Monday to discuss
police-ICE partnerships. We want Secretary Napolitano to hear about
the negative impacts of those partnerships here in Colorado and to
stop promoting these partnerships.

During the 2006 session Colorado passed SB 90, a law which has forced
police officers across Colorado to act as ICE agents, ostensibly to
prevent human trafficking. This law has not resulted in the
prosecution of a single human trafficker. Instead, SB 90 has made the
job of community safety more difficult for police, caused fear to
divide our communities, and separated families. We are one human
family and, as people of faith, we speak out when human dignity is

WHAT:  The American Friends Service Committee, community leaders
and neighbors will unite at the immigrant Detention Center to demand a
moratorium on the practice of partnering local police officers with
federal ICE agents. We will pray for the protection of immigrants and
their families and for an end to unjust immigrant detention. The vigil
will include prayers led by local leaders from diverse faith
traditions, music, and immigrant stories.


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