Rapist cop done killed himself

8 Oct

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Authorities say a former Grand Junction police officer accused of sexual assault in Mesa County has been found dead in a hotel room in Jefferson County, more than 200 miles away.

Jefferson County sheriff’s officials said Wednesday that 35-year-old Glenn Coyne had an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The hotel’s housekeeping staff found Coyne’s body Tuesday.

Coyne had recently posted bond in Mesa County after being arrested last week on charges of first-degree sexual assault and first-degree burglary. He was fired after two years as a Grand Junction officer.

Authorities say Coyne was accused of assaulting a woman who called him for follow-up help after Coyne and other officers went to her house on a family matter.


One Response to “Rapist cop done killed himself”

  1. Redstateradica 15th Oct 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    Demand Public Hearings and Oversight of the Grand Junction Police

    The Police here in Grand Junction have for a long time been able to do whatever they want with little or no oversight by the community. Skateboarders, Latinos, poor people, and political activists have long known that the police have grudges they settle with force or through the justice system.
    Recent arrests and firings of two GJPD officers for beating a woman and raping a woman, Coutrney Crooks and Glenn Coyne, respectively, is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Former Police Chief Bill Gardner resigned this fall, because of another case that was successfully kept off the pages of the newspapers. It involved nine GJPD officers beating a woman in her own house, and then charging her with felony assault on an officer, she threatened to sue the PD and an agreement was reached which dropped the lawsuit and the chargers. The victim is still too traumatized by the incident, she just wants to put it behind her, but we as citizens need to know what happened in that incident.
    The GJPD is notoriously secretive and non-transparent. Multiple open records request have been denied, or simply ignored. The process for people to make complaints about the department is not open or accessible. No hotline, No form, No advocate outside of the Police Department. To make a complaint you have to go to the station and into a locked corridor and into a locked room and make a complaint to an uniformed officer.
    The Police also have a long history of selectively enforcing petty laws against the poor and homeless of this town. Smoking in the Park Tickets are only issued to homeless people. Forty-nine percent of ‘walking-violations’ are issued to homeless people. While houseless people represent maybe two percent of the city’s population.
    Latino and Immigrant Rights organizations have long noticed a trend of racial profiling in a way that violates the rights of Latinos, here in the Grand Valley.
    This past July, the homeless activist group, Housing First! No More Deaths! exposed two undercover police that had infiltrated their organization, disguised as homeless people. The harassment has continued. At the end of September, GJPD, arrested an organizer for the organization at a public meeting for a petty warrant, in a calculated act of political intimidation to the others at the meeting.
    The GJPD, is also trigger happy when it comes to the use of Tasers. Tasing people for noncompliance or while running away, when its intended use was for self-defense short of a firearm. Documents requested relating to the PD’s use of Tasers have been ignored.
    Only a public hearings about the GJPD will provide a true picture of how the police are interacting with our community. And only citizen oversight will keep the organization honest and just. Contact these people demand citizen oversight and public hearings.

    Contact City Council
    (970) 244-1504

    Contact the Chief of Police

    Write a Letter to the Editor
    Sentinel: letters@gjsentinel.com
    Sentinel ‘You Said It:’ yousaidit@gjsentinel.com


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