California, Occupied

23 Nov

In recognition that California’s crisis is Colorado’s crisis, or more accurately that the same crises and conditions underlie all of our embattled existences; that the same forces of privatization, policing, and emptiness drive the struggle on the West Coast and the No Coast; that we have much to do and much to learn, and we may learn it within classrooms, but only if we transform them into spaces of attack on systems of education…

This is how we learn, this is how we fight.

til it breaks brings you: California, Occupied.

This past week, a wave of student occupations and unrest surged through the University of California system as the Board of Regents were approving a 32% across-the-board tuition increase.  Santa Cruz, Berkley, LA, Davis, and Fresno all saw occupations!

The New School Reoccupied has photos and video from the occupations, solidarity statements, and communiques.  Occupy California has detailed updates on how the occupations unfolded and spread and faced repression from without and sabotage from within.  And this is our emergency brings the bold words.  Finally, support Doug Gilbert and all the 100+ arrested.

Read and learn.  Get ready to fight and learn much more.

Coming soon to an institution of higher education near you…


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