Four Denver banks robbed today

19 Dec

Four Denver-area banks were robbed Friday, bringing the running tally to 14 robberies this week alone.

Two Denver banks, one on 17th Street and another on East Alameda Ave. were held up, along with banks in Lone Tree and Littleton. The FBI says none appear to be connected.

In each case, the suspects got away with undisclosed sums of money, highlighting an alarming trend that may be connected to the holiday season and the sluggish economy.

“We have not seen an increase like we’ve had this week before, that I can recall,” said Jennifer Waller of the Colorado Bankers Association. “One thing we think maybe the robbers fail to recognize is they will get caught. Over 60-percent of robbers are caught within 18-months of them committing the crime.” Waller said.

The FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force says its apprehension rate is around 80-percent.

“I think (the bank robbers are) running out of options, and you talk about a long enough period of time that either they’ve been on unemployment, or they’ve had to roll of unemployment…a lot of these people probably don’t have a lot of other options to be able to eat,” said Denver resident Eric Evans.

“People are breaking into cars. People are going into people’s homes. They’re desperate. Times are bad,” said Monica Schultz.

Colorado ranks 5th in the nation in per-capita bank robberies. Last year, 135 Colorado banks were robbed.

from KVDR.


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