Hopping Hooded Bandits strike again

24 Dec

A trio of bank robbers struck in Denver again Wednesday, holding up the Bank of Denver at 800 E. 17th Ave.

Nicknamed the “Hopping Hooded Bandits,” the group is suspected of robbing four banks since early December.

They typically level guns at bank employees, then jump the teller counters and grab the cash.

The suspects struck at 5:28 p.m. yesterday.

The Bank of the Denver robbery late yesterday and the robbery of the Chase Bank at 1125 17th St. at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday by the “Crooked Lid Bandit” brings to 16 the number of metro area banks robbed in the past two weeks.

According to a statement from Dave Joly, an FBI spokesman, the Hopping Hooded Bandits are of particular concern.

“They are very brazen, they all have weapons and they are very aggressive,” said Joly. “It’s what we call a ‘take-over style.’ They come in with guns and order people to the ground and jump the counters.”

from the Denver Post.


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