Handcuffed criminal escapes from police car in Aurora

9 Feb

Aurora Police are looking for a burglary suspect who escaped handcuffed from an Aurora police car early today.

Detective Shannon Lucy, spokeswoman for the Aurora Police Department, said that Aurora officers responded to reports of a fight in the 1600 block of Alton Street about 5 a.m.

Once on the scene, police were able to break up a fight between approximately 10 people, said Lucy.

Officers left. But a short time later they were called back after three people involved in the fight returned and one of them kicked down the front door of a house.

All three were arrested, said Lucy.

The man who kicked in the door is considered a burglary suspect because he actually entered the home, said Bob Friel, another spokesperson for the police department.

The burglary suspect was placed handcuffed in the back seat of a police cruiser. However, he was able to escape, said Lucy. A police perimeter was set up but officers were unable to locate the man.

Lucy said police know the man’s name and where he lives and expect to eventually find him.

Lucy said the man is not armed and is not considered a threat.

She said there will be an investigation to determine how the suspect was able to escape the police car. She said that such escapes happen from time to time.

As of 9:30 p.m. today, the burglary suspect was still on the loose.


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