Criminal runs over Denver cop, evades police

18 Feb

Update: Sadly, the criminal was arrested some 13 hours later.

A search is on for a man who apparently ran over a Denver sheriff’s deputy about 7:30 a.m. today after deputies went to the 1200 block of South Knox Court to arrest him.

Officials say Brendan Cook jumped out a window when deputies arrived. He got in his car and rammed one deputy, Don Travis, a 14-year veteran. His partner, Eric Gibens, a 16-year veteran, fired what is believed to be a single shot at the fleeing car.

The shot hit a driver-side window of the silver BMW, which sped off.

Travis was taken to a hospital. His injuries are not life-threatening.

About 9 a.m. officials found a parked car matching the description of the one that hit the deputy a few blocks away near Garfield Lake Park. They cordoned off the car with crime scene tape.

Cook was last seen near the park, at 3975 W. Mosier Place, leaving the area on foot.

Cook is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 155 pounds. He has brown hair and green eyes.

Authorities say Cook is now being sought for aggravated assault to a peace officer. Police said Cook could be armed and dangerous.

Capt. Frank Gale, spokesman for the Denver Sheriff’s Department, said he had visited Travis in the hospital.

Although Travis was on a gurney, Gale said “he appeared fine. He was talking.”

Gale said doctors told him they will be taking X-rays of Travis to determine if he has any broken bones. If he doesn’t, Gale said he expects Travis to be released later today.

He said Travis and Gibens have been on the sheriff department’s “warrant-fugitive unit” for about three years.

“These two guys do a great job,” said Gale. “They make hundreds of arrests each year.”

He said on some occasions the fugitives resist but something as violent as what occurred today is rare.

A Cook family member, the suspect’s older brother, said it had been a long time since he had talked to Brendan. He declined to discuss specifics about his brother’s character or lifestyle.

Jason Hernandez, who lives next door to the Cook, said his 25-year-old neighbor is a heavy drug user who failed to go to court on Wednesday and was being sought by authorities on a drug warrant.

Hernandez said he saw the neighbor fleeing deputies, get into his car and then gun the car and hit the deputy with the car. He said the impact was so forceful that the deputy was thrown into the front yard of the Hernandez home.

Cook abandoned his car blocking the driveway of JoAnn Pacheco, who lives near Garfield Lake Park. Pacheco said she was getting her kids ready for school when her husband told her a car was in their driveway blocking their ability to drive out.

She said a nearby neighbor yelled at them that the car was connected to a deputy sheriff being run over.

Pacheco said she and her husband went out and looked at the car. She said the driver’s side window had been shot out.

She said that just above the window frame was an indentation that might have been caused by a bullet. Pacheco said she did not see blood inside the car.

She did not see the driver of the car.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Cook has an extensive rap sheet that includes multiple arrests for marijuana possession, driving under the influence, and seven arrests for possession of dangerous drugs and failure to appear.

from the Denver Post.


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