Class War Now: banner drop in Boulder

5 Mar

Anonymous communique:

On Thursday, March 4th, a banner was dropped from the rooftop of the University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado, in solidarity with the student uprising in California, and with resisters of the capitalist state everywhere. The banner read:

Free the Debt Slaves
Usurp the Profiteer
Free University Today!
Class War Now

The reasons for this are numerous and should be obvious. Free education is a fundamental pillar of a free society, where affluence is not confined to the smallest minority but diffused for the benefit of everyone. Universities worldwide are being transformed into profit driven institutions, exploiting the student population with inescapable debt, exploiting faculty and workers to increase profit margins, and excluding marginalized portions of the community from the country club of academia. The university today is in many ways an apparatus of the status quo, reinforcing false narratives of the murderous state, while reinforcing artificial values of ecocidal social and economic institutions.

Our university claims a reputation of environmental enlightenment and “progressive” political tendencies, yet takes large portions of funding from (and churns out wage slaves for) some of the most notorious regional polluters, and the foremost proponents of the military industrial complex. As students, the information we are and are not exposed to is more influenced by these coercive components of the dominant culture than by our own desire to learn.

But all over the world, students are fighting back, as students always have. As we recognize the broader implications within the university system of social relations in capitalist society, our goals and desires reach a critical common ground, a common desire to take back not only the university, but the community as a whole. Free education could never come about in such a society without a fundamental restructuring of class relations, for each according to their need, rather than for each according to their exploitability.

We drop these banners in our community recognizing full well that banners are not sufficient means of fighting back in the ongoing class war, but with the intention of injecting these concepts and associations into the consciousness a community where such ideas do not exist, generally drown out by liberal pretentions. As these assertions of liberal morality are proven a fallacy each day beneath the yoke of a Democrat war regime, a simple conceptual foundation of avenues of resistance can provide volatile kindling, as efforts toward liberation from the state and capitalism continue throughout the world.

Dropping banners is cheap, easy, fun, and shows what driven individuals can do with even relatively little effort. And more so than appealing to the masses, it allows us to identify our allies, and to show other resisters in and around the community that we are with them.

No Borders, No Classes.
-A Boulder anarchist


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