Wednesday: Film screening to support Oakland rioters

20 Mar

Wednesday, March 24th

P&L Printing 2298 Clay St, Denver

6:30 PM

Denver Anarchist Black Cross hosts a film night to benefit the over 150 people who were arrested during the rebellions in response to the January 2009 police killing of Oscar Grant III in California.

On the night of January 7th, a protest of the execution became a riot in downtown Oakland as barricades were formed, businesses were vandalized, and luxury cars, police cruisers and city vehicles were smashed and arsoned. Rioting continued on January 14th and 30th.

Over a year later, felony charges remained against two individuals–the charges against JR Valrey were recently dropped; Holly Works’ trial begins in April. Both are facing high legal fees.

Donations will go to help defray the legal fines of the Oakland 100.

A discussion will follow the short film, copies of ‘Unfinished Acts’ (a detailed and illustrated narrative of the Oakland riots) will be available, and refreshments will be provided.

Please come support the Oakland 100 and celebrate rebellions against the police.


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