One dozen Boulder banks get epoxied

17 May

Anonymous communique:

A dozen or so banks were attacked this weekend in the place righteously ignorant liberals and slavishly resentful conservatives call Boulder. The method of attack: really strong glue, applied generously to card readers and other vulnerabilities. As the Gulf bleeds out yet another death knell for marine life on this planet, as imperial wars wage on louder than ever, and as capitalism attempts to recover and tighten its grip, we recognize that it is these institutions which drive the destruction and dispossession as much as any other, while somehow doing so with a benign acceptance in this and many communities. As long as there are banks, anarchists will attack them. More importantly, as individuals continue to fight back against their oppressors in Oaxaca, in Thailand, Kyrgistan, and everywhere else with revitlazed rigor, and as individuals here in the occupied territories of Turtle Island begin to show the world what we are really capable of, we look forward to the day when our ravenous love of freedom and mutual aid, our tireless drive to create space for alternate social relations based upon equality, justice, consciousness, and horizontality; we look forward to the day when all these things present uneqiuvocally the answer to the question, “What do we do… when we’ve glued everything?”

With Love and Adhesive,

– MILIEU, or Marauding Illegalists for Liberatory Industrial Epoxy Usage


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