Denver demo in solidarity with Oakland uprising

9 Jul

Anonymous reportback follows:

Denver, January 8, 2010: At the same time that crowds started to gather in Oakland to respond to the verdict in the trial of BART police officer Johannes Mehserle, residents of Denver rallied in opposition to the murder of Oscar Grant and to the occupation of our neighborhoods by the police.

Denver Anarchist Black Cross put out a call for a solidarity demonstration to start at 7pm local time at the Sheriff’s Department headquarters at 13th and Cherokee in downtown. About 35 folks showed up with 2 hours notice with banners and signs that read “All cops are murderers” and “From Oakland to Denver, we will always remember”.

After spending half an hour at the Sheriff’s Department, the crowd moved to a busier intersection outside the U.S. Mint at Colfax and Cherokee. After another half hour, and many honks, raised fists, and cheers of support, the group marched to the corner of Broadway and Colfax, one of the busiest intersections in downtown Denver.

Honks, raised fists, cheers, and cries of support were constant. Folks that were waiting for the bus at the nearby RTD bus shelter motioned for the demonstration to come to the bus shelter. Cries of “fuck the police” echoed from the folks gathered at the bus shelter, as they swelled the ranks of the protest. For the next hour, the spirited crowd grew to over 50.

A couple of motorcycle cops made a small effort to intimidate independent journalists and photographers, but left shortly after being “schooled” by members of the crowd.

The action laid the foundation for more solidarity actions to come, and for a renewed energy in the local anti-authoritarian movement.


One Response to “Denver demo in solidarity with Oakland uprising”

  1. Jolly Roger 15th Jul 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    NIce blog, I just moved to Colorado Springs from Cali and wanted to check in with all the Anarchist groups. I also started a blog here and will be sure to link you guys.

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