Thieves net 65 bicycles in Boulder spree

9 Aug

August 5: Bike theft in Boulder is down 36 percent so far this year from last year, and detectives say the numbers could continue to drop thanks to several key arrests they’ve made in the past few weeks.

The most prolific suspected bike thieves who have recently been arrested are brothers Torin Odea, 22, and Kieran Odea, 18, according to police. Detectives suspect the brothers have stolen 65 bikes — many of them from the Boulder County area — since April.

Torin Odea was arrested June 24 on suspicion of numerous charges including theft, theft by receiving and illegally pawning. His younger brother was arrested July 29 on suspicion of similar charges.

Detectives were struggling to identify suspects behind the recent bike thefts in Boulder because many riders don’t know the serial numbers for their bicycles. But investigators got the tip they needed June 24.

The man responsible for tipping off police to the Odea brothers said he caught up to the suspected thieves on June 24 in the parking lot, and they gave him back the bike and asked if he was going to call police.

The man, who didn’t want to give his name to protect his family, told them he would think about it. He almost didn’t until he realized they might be responsible for other thefts in the area.

“It was just fortuitous that I saw them when it was happening,” he said, adding that he believes the brothers’ nonchalance while stealing the bikes in broad daylight kept them from getting caught sooner.

“They were casual and calm and not panicky at all,” he said. “It amazes me how much hubris it would take to pull these off in the middle of the day.”


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