16 Jan


from Queen City Antifa via Colorado Indymedia:


It has been more than six months since the senseless murder of Marvin Booker by the Denver Sheriff’s department. Marvin, a homeless street preacher booked on minor charges, was only asking to grab his shoes when he was choked, beaten and tazed by five jail guards before succumbing to death. His killers were cleared of any wrong-doing, even amidst a roar of public outcry, and internal affairs refuses to release the multi-angle video of the incident to the family or the larger community demanding accountability.

Marvin isn’t the only casualty of Denver’s police. In fact, it’s getting difficult to keep track of how many people have been brutalized by the police across the state this year. Lawsuits are flooding the courts, ranging from accusations of racially motivated assaults to coercive rape. Presently, there are police in the Denver metro area being investigated for sexually abusing children and possessing vast troves of child pornography. The police are shooting first and spinning it in the media later far more often than the typical “isolated incident” pattern their public relations departments shill us. These are not “our neighbors” or “people just trying to do a job.” They are sociopathic, power-hungry, violent fiends. They are our enemies, they are extremely powerful, and they are at war with the people of this city.

But there is resistance. In the last six months, Denver has seen numerous rallies and vigils, and they all too often end in a defeatist state of mourning where participants typically resort to shouting reasonable demands to unreasonable and uncaring institutions which are hardly even listening. There have been marches and demonstrations where revolutionary militants, marginalized people and street folk united to block traffic, trash a police car, and face the cops in the streets. This battle must expand and it won’t stop until there is real justice, vengeance, and palpable accountability. Real actions need to be taken. We will not be stomped on, exploited, or abused by this false authority any longer.

Join us and others at the Denver skate park at 20th and Little Raven on Saturday, January 29th at 6 PM for a demonstration and march through the city. Take a stand against police violence and reclaim the streets for our community. Bring your friends, family, crew or colleagues. On the 29th, we will stand in solidarity with the victims of police violence everywhere, and we will remember Marvin Booker. We will remember the bloodied faces and cracked skulls courtesy of the Denver police. We will be angry, loud, and unforgiving. Our rage won’t be stopped until we are truly free from oppression.


-Queen City Antifa


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5 Responses to “Saturday 1/29: TO THE STREETS! FUCK THE POLICE”

  1. xx 18th Jan 2011 at 3:54 am #

    Why are you doing this at the denver skatepark?! As someone who uses the park daily I urge you to use commons park directly across the street. The last thing we (skaters) need is more bad press about OUR park! The cops and us skaters have a tenuous relationship and the park is our neutral ground. You bringing this to the park will just give the city more ammo to shut the park down. But, I bet you dont care about that, or us (the skaters) ARRRRR!!!!

    • gendermutiny 25th Jan 2011 at 5:09 am #

      Hey there. I’m sorry to say you’re barking up the wrong tree. We didn’t write this call; we’re simply reposting it. Nor do we have contact info for any organizers of this demo. Your best bet might be posting a comment over at Colorado Indymedia, but, good luck with that because, you know, anonymity how people operate these days and people won’t necessarily care that you don’t want them there.

      With that said, fuck having relationships with pigs, tenuous or not.

    • abortionist 30th Jan 2011 at 7:32 pm #

      we didn’t have the rally at the park, just met there and marched through denver

  2. prole 25th Jan 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    hurr durrr my skateboarding escapism is more important than a gathering at a public place. hurrrr skateboarders are marginalized by police DON’T YOU SEE THAT?!

    join the march, you’re missing the point. what would you do if the city did try and shut the park down? what are you going to do if the cops institute repression? you don’t want any bad press?


    • prole 25th Jan 2011 at 2:43 pm #

      when have skateboarders seriously EVER gotten positive attention outside of “X-TREME sports” professionalism? you are viewed a “blight” just like street folk and other marginalized people, your luxury is that that status is chosen. the only reason the skatepark exists is to keep all the skaters out of the city anyway.

      has skateboarding culture fucking fallen that far that staging a demo against the pigs at a traditionally “counter-cultural” location makes your kneepads chafe? seriously, people are getting abused by the authorities all over the city and you’re worried it might fuck up your time on the handrail?

      check yourself

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