More school vandalism in Douglas County

18 Mar

Editors’ note: Good to remember that while citizens complain about schools in Denver being closed due to budget cuts, some kids just don’t want school to exist at all.

PARKER, Colo. — Vandals are targeting elementary schools in Douglas County. Mammoth Heights and Cherokee Trail Elementary Schools have been damaged by criminals.

Vandals struck Mammoth Heights on March 2 and 5. A week later, vandals hit nearby Cherokee Trails Elementary School.

The damage was so bad at Cherokee Trails Elementary, the school had to close Monday. Parker police said the HVAC system on the roof of the school was damaged. 7NEWS learned it’s estimated that $4,300 worth of damage occurred.

A spokeswoman for the Douglas County school district did not want to discuss specifics about the crimes, stating they were open investigations.

Sgt. Ron Hanavan, of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said the criminals may be elementary aged children. He said nothing was stolen from the school, only damaged.

Mammoth Heights had over $5,000 worth of estimated damage.


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