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Baby Jesus stolen from nativity scene

5 Jan

STEAMBOAT, CO — In late November, someone stole about $7,000 in checks and cash from the Holy Name Catholic Church in Steamboat, Colorado.  The money, collected during a charity fundraiser, was reportedly taken from a locked case in the church office. The case was accessed by a key that was in a desk drawer.

Then, last week, someone stole baby Jesus, Joseph and a lamb from the church’s downtown Nativity scene.

The theft of the three Nativity figures has not been solved. Baby Jesus, Joseph and a lamb were stolen from the Nativity scene in front of the church. The church’s priest said the figures were screwed into a sheet of plywood.

He said he noticed them missing Saturday, but a parishioner told him they might have been missing all of the previous week.

Bob Dapper, a member of the Knights of Columbus group with the church, said he set up the Nativity this year in increments leading up to Christmas Day, adding the figures of Jesus, Joseph and Mary on Christmas Eve.

After the theft, Mary and a lamb remained, but the lamb had been knocked on its side.