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ICE Facility Attacked in Loveland

14 Jun


Anonymous communique:

Over the weekend of the 15th of May, an ICE field office in Loveland, Colorado was attacked.  Every window and door was shattered, totaling around twelve panes in all.

The unmarked facility is one of many such hidden ICE buildings in the U.S. that attempt to operate in secrecy.  One tactic used by ICE to maintain this secrecy is to take people from their homes in the middle of the night to be “processed” before taken to privately-owned ICE prisons.

By operating in secrecy, ICE is able to maintain this particular sub-station within a shopping and residential district without revealing the repression used to create and sustain borders.

This action was taken in the climate typified by SB1070 in Arizona and local anti-immigrant sentiment.  However, the ICE office would have been targeted regardless of legislation.

Resistance and attacks against manifestations of borders, prison and power will continue as long as families are separated and people are imprisoned, deported, and harassed.

As others have said-


Solidarity means attack.


Colorado Springs ICE office attacked

19 May

Anonymous communique:

The entrance to an undisclosed/pseudo-secret ICE office in downtown Colorado Springs was attacked Saturday night.

The office, ironically, is located within a bank building.

No Deportations! No Borders!

One dozen Boulder banks get epoxied

17 May

Anonymous communique:

A dozen or so banks were attacked this weekend in the place righteously ignorant liberals and slavishly resentful conservatives call Boulder. The method of attack: really strong glue, applied generously to card readers and other vulnerabilities. As the Gulf bleeds out yet another death knell for marine life on this planet, as imperial wars wage on louder than ever, and as capitalism attempts to recover and tighten its grip, we recognize that it is these institutions which drive the destruction and dispossession as much as any other, while somehow doing so with a benign acceptance in this and many communities. As long as there are banks, anarchists will attack them. More importantly, as individuals continue to fight back against their oppressors in Oaxaca, in Thailand, Kyrgistan, and everywhere else with revitlazed rigor, and as individuals here in the occupied territories of Turtle Island begin to show the world what we are really capable of, we look forward to the day when our ravenous love of freedom and mutual aid, our tireless drive to create space for alternate social relations based upon equality, justice, consciousness, and horizontality; we look forward to the day when all these things present uneqiuvocally the answer to the question, “What do we do… when we’ve glued everything?”

With Love and Adhesive,

– MILIEU, or Marauding Illegalists for Liberatory Industrial Epoxy Usage

May Day attack on Wells Fargo bank

3 May


Anonymous communique from indymedia:

In the latest hours of May Day, a gang of masked anarchists and anti-authoritarians attacked a Wells Fargo in Denver. This rage-fueled rupture took place for a number of reasons, including blah blah blah blah blah GEO group blah blah blah blah prisonocracy blah blah blah corporate pieces of shit sucking the blood of the human race blah blah blah blah blah… Fuck Wells Fargo.

A whole bunch of windows were shattered with a wide variety of stones procured from the lovely landscaping areas around the bank. In a true display of diversity of tactics, larger rocks were thrown through doors and first floor windows, while smaller rocks knocked out panes thought to be out of reach. All participants dissolved safely into the night, a May Day properly celebrated.

Solidarity with all those that got wild for May Day, the fighters in Greece, our comrades in struggle in Oaxaca and all seeking total liberation from capitalist totality blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


some anarchists

Government vans arsoned in Fort Collins

13 Mar

Anonymous communique from Colorado Indymedia follows:

Two US government vans parked outside a military recruitment center in Fort Collins, CO were set on fire a couple of nights ago.  The extent of damage is unknown.

These wars go on and on.  We read about the dead.  Across an ocean and their names are not spoken here.

Kimya Hamid

Aji Agha Pather

Fereshta and her brother Ali

Rahmet Wali

Nejeba Mohd

Faisal Karim

Habdul Wajad

Malik Nabi Jan

Fatima Sarajiddin

Saya Begum and her sister Rayhan Begum

These flames are our way of remembering.

We fight here.

Class War Now: banner drop in Boulder

5 Mar

Anonymous communique:

On Thursday, March 4th, a banner was dropped from the rooftop of the University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado, in solidarity with the student uprising in California, and with resisters of the capitalist state everywhere. The banner read:

Free the Debt Slaves
Usurp the Profiteer
Free University Today!
Class War Now

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Wells Fargo bank attacked in Fort Collins

18 Dec

Anonymous communique:

We smashed up a Wells Fargo bank last night in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We don’t really need to explain our reasons–you probably already know them.  But we’ll share a few things.

We are enemies of capitalism.

We are sick and tired of people being locked in cages.

Wells Fargo is the single largest investor in the Geo Group, which owns many I.C.E. detention facilities–private prisons–around the U.S.  The Geo Group and Wells Fargo profit from imprisoning people in Colorado.

We want smashed prisons and the destruction of capitalism, not just windows–the question is how do we create moments in which insurrection is possible?

We are everywhere.

Strength to us all!

from Colorado Indymedia.