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Grand Junction: Fun Liberation Front strikes again

23 Aug

Reclaims streets from stuffiness and boredom


It all started this morning.  With a declaration of war between two collective houses:

….We expect to meet you in a splashing good fight. Be Ye There, or Be Ye Square.

It ended in a pitched battle in the roundabout at 7th and Main, that stop traffic, reclaimed our streets for something other then just the same old consumption and capitalism.  A bus-driver stopped his bus in the roundabout and demanded a balloon and threw it into the melee. Traveling kids, collective members and some not-so innocent by-standers, all liberated the stuffy through-fare of commerce for a bit of fun, and some much needed cooling down on this 100 degree day.

The Fun Liberation Front, is everywhere, is no where, is everyone, no one, and any one. Take up this name and liberate your day from wage-slavery, traffic cops, consumption, and boredom. See you in the streets.