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Government vans arsoned in Fort Collins

13 Mar

Anonymous communique from Colorado Indymedia follows:

Two US government vans parked outside a military recruitment center in Fort Collins, CO were set on fire a couple of nights ago.  The extent of damage is unknown.

These wars go on and on.  We read about the dead.  Across an ocean and their names are not spoken here.

Kimya Hamid

Aji Agha Pather

Fereshta and her brother Ali

Rahmet Wali

Nejeba Mohd

Faisal Karim

Habdul Wajad

Malik Nabi Jan

Fatima Sarajiddin

Saya Begum and her sister Rayhan Begum

These flames are our way of remembering.

We fight here.


GI shoots self to evade deployment

1 Nov

NOTE: GI resistance takes many forms, sometimes not as formal as what is reported by activist groups like couragetoresist.org.  Solidarity with all GI resisters!

Police in Colorado Springs say a Fort Carson soldier set to return to Afghanistan intentionally shot himself in the shoulder to avoid deployment.

They say 26-year-old Robert Murchison and his girlfriend found a parking spot near Penrose-St. Francis main hospital Wednesday night and then he shot himself while inside the car.

Murchison and 28-year-old Chasaity Peoples allegedly first told police that they had stopped to help a stranded motorist and that the driver shot him. Murchison is expected to remain hospitalized for the next few days but is expected to recover. He and his girlfriend could be charged with false reporting.

from the Denver Post

AWOL ex-soldier escapes custody

13 Oct

DENVER – Authorities are looking for an AWOL Fort Carson soldier who escaped from federal custody at Denver International Airport Wednesday.

Denver Police say 19-year-old Private Terrance Hilton, who turns 20 on Thursday, was handcuffed and being transferred from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs via Denver when he ran from his escort on Concourse B.

from kdvr.com

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the ex-soldier was caught on Saturday in Grand Junction.

Fort Collins Celebrates Iraq Anniversary with Broken Recruitment Windows

17 Mar


Fort Collins, Colorado celebrates the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by breaking windows at a military recruitment center.

Happy Anniversary! Last night People Against War broke three windows at a military recruitment center in Fort Collins, Colorado. We threw the stones in commemoration of 6 years of murder in Iraq. We wanted to celebrate with a bang! With a smash and a crash!

Yup, we know this is a little action. Breaking a few windows is small resistance to the machinery of the state that’s destroying millions of lives. But an anniversary’s an anniversary and we wanted to celebrate!

Military recruitment gets a big grin out of people losing jobs, cause there’s ever more despair to feed off of. Even a few broken windows diverts time and money that would go to recruitment.

Grab a rock and join in celebrating the anniversary!!