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Pittsburgh: Queers trash police station and businesses

26 Sep

More info on Thursday’s queer bloc.

Shortly after 10 p.m., a Bash Back!-themed black bloc a hundred or more strong appeared on Forbes Street between Atwood Street and Oakland Avenue. The march was pushing half a dozen or more dumpsters, which were upended in the intersections while seemingly all the corporate businesses on the block lost their windows. Another dumpster was rolled further down the street and set alight before being upended as the bloc fled north.

We can imagine the atmosphere of the street at that instant: the running figures, the explosions of breaking glass reverberating off the buildings, the dim streetlights on masked faces, the sound of nearby sirens reminding everyone that militarized riot police in full force were on the way from only a couple blocks’ distance.

Pamela’s Diner, Panera Bread, McDonald’s, Bruegger’s Bagels, Subway, Rite Aid, FedEx Kinko’s, American Apparel, the Pitt Shop, and other businesses suffered damage. An H&R Block nearby on Atwood also reported vandalism. The bloc moved north, encountering a police substation on which a particularly bitter revenge was exacted. Police vehicles were already in pursuit and presumably speeding ahead to surround the march; however, the terrain of the college district was too open, and too populated by civilians, for the police to easily entrap their prey. Some participants broke off from the march at this point; others continued together as far as Craig Street, where Quizno’s Subs, PNC Bank, Irish Design Center, BNY Mellon, and Citizens Bank were damaged before the bloc finally dispersed.

from Crimethinc

Pittsburgh: anarchists riot against capitalism

25 Sep

…by the time I went to sleep early the next morning, the list of smashed storefronts was long: McDonalds. PNC Bank. Citizens Bank. Fidelity Bank. Boston Market. Subway. H&R Block. KFC. BMW. And many more…

cop cars got redecorated and rocks were thrown at police.

…Bash Back! contingents and their supporters donned their pink bandanas, glitter and banners and literally hit the town. What I thought was going to be a theatrical march quickly turned into a large band of roaming queers dawned in black. In the back of the march, I began to hear what I originally thought were rubber bullets being shot into the front of the crowd. However, the police had not yet responded to this quickly moving group – the sounds that I had been hearing were actually windows shattering. One after the other – the banks, the corporate chains, the police station, the University of Pittsburgh store were hit by various found objects, U-locks, rocks and wrenches. Bash Back! quickly disbanded – not before setting a dumpster on fire – as the very long line of riot police began to move in on them and the thousands of college kids that were on the Pittsburgh University campus wearing togas, team jerseys and high heels.

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UPDATES: 193 arrests reported; 23 from the unpermitted march, 40ish from the University Thursday night, about 100 from mass arrest Friday, 1(?) from Bash Back! march; most arrests misdemeanors such as ‘failure to disperse’, 17 people with felony charges. Police counted 19 banks and businesses damaged on Thursday.


“The [People’s Uprising] march has a potential for violence because it is unapproved and the organizers cannot be held responsible for the behavior of the attendees. Our Intel has identified about 400 people who will be attending and an accurate count of all others isn’t feasible. Rest assured that we are well prepared to respond to this march and the possibility of any property damage in the Strip is minimal.

We have amassed the largest grouping of law enforcement officers that this area has ever or will ever see. Take comfort in knowing that we quell any civil disturbance.”

-Message Wednesday from Assistant Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson, who was wrong.

from myriad sources

The Spring in Review

25 Jul

Springtime attacks in the area

february 25: woman briefly escapes from police in denver

A 20-year-old Denver woman was pulled over and then taken into custody on 3 outstanding warrants. On the way to the police station, she slipped off her handcuffs and, upon arrival, fled on foot. She was caught.

february: denver home squatted for a month

Police say between Feb. 1 and March 2, four people resided in a Denver man’s home on the 600 block of West First Avenue while he was away on an extended absence.

march 9: man beaten for rape in denver

A Denver man in his mid-20s was assaulted in front of his home by an acquaintance who accused him of being a rapist before punching him several times in the face and stomach and then slamming him to the concrete before fleeing on foot.

march 17: recruitment center attacked in fort collins

On the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq, three windows of a military recruitment center were smashed with stones.

march 20: denver walgreens attacked with incendiary device

A small improvised incendiary device exploded in the alley behind Walgreens at 2000 E. Colfax Ave. at about 1:37 a.m. March 20. Police said the device consisted of a firecracker duct-taped to a milk container filled with flammable liquid. It started a small fire behind the building.

april 7: yuppie party crashed in vail

Activists from Grand Junction crashed a yuppie party in the resort town of Vail because the lamb at the party was ranched with slave labor.

april 23: denver man tries to run over a cop

A 19-year-old Denver man was driving through a school zone when he was flagged down by an officer on foot. The driver stepped on the gas and nearly hit the officer. Police pursued and arrested him.

may 13: brief escape from denver courtroom

A 22-year-old Denver man was in court for arraignment on charges of felony trespass and driving under restraint when he made an attempt to escape and “assaulted” a sheriff’s deputy on the way out. Police say the suspect was chased by deputies and even the judge, who helped catch him.

may 26: arson suspected in downtown office fire

A fire in a men’s bathroom on the ninth floor of a downtown office building at 910 16th St. was being investigated as an arson.

may 27: denver pizza hut robbed (probably by a former or current employee)

An unknown suspect robbed a Pizza Hut location at 880 E. Colfax Ave. at about 9:10 a.m. May 27. An employee was opening the store when the suspect entered through the front door with the keypad combo. Inside, the robber located the employee and flourished a handgun. S/he demanded the code to the safe, took the contents of the safe and fled on foot out the back door.

june 3: hundreds of tires slashed in littleton

In the early morning, someone flattened the tires of 52 cars in yuppie suburbs near Denver.

june 14: car arson at 7-eleven in denver

Police arrested a man on suspicion of arson after he set fire to a Chevy Tahoe in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven at 303 Broadway.

june 15: peruvian consulate vandalized in denver

Vandals spray-painted the entrance to the Peruvian Consulate “in solidarity with the 85 indigenous people in Peru murdered by their government while trying to protect their land.”

june 28: queer graffiti in grand junction

Queer graffiti messages have been popping up downtown in this notoriously homophobic west Colorado town. Someone’s been tagging “It’s okay to be gay” all over the place, and posters wheatpasted around town say “Stonewall was a Riot… fuck cops.”

july: ‘nicotine ninja’ on the loose in jefferson county

Police are looking for a robber they are calling the “nighttime nicotine ninja,” who has staged over 100 robberies by breaking out glass doors of convenience stores and grabbing cartons of cigarettes. Over $120,000 of smokes have been stolen.

july: prank vandalism calls to hotels wreak havoc (not local, but i’m lovin’ it)

A rash of prank calls made to hotels around the US have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in recent months. The callers have convinced staff and guests of an emergency and to break out windows, set off fire alarms and turn on sprinkler systems.

july 8: bite taken out of deputy in el paso county

Deputies responding to a call of a disturbance in El Paso County, CO waited until the suspect returned. The deputy confronted him, and he began to fight the deputy. During the fight he bit the deputy in the arm. The deputy tasered him.

july 9: denver cop injured in car accident

A Denver police officer was treated for “serious” injuries at a hospital overnight after a car accident when an SUV cut him off.

july 10: shots fired at colorado state trooper in adams county

The driver of an SUV who refused to pull over for a state trooper fired shots at the trooper. The shots missed, and the SUV crashed into a light pole. The driver and passenger got away on foot in spite of an extensive search.

july 10: burglars rob from the rich in denver

Burglars methodically ransacked eight adjacent garages in the (super-yuppie) Country Club neighborhood while the owners were asleep. They stole a $4,500 bicycle, two sets of golf clubs and numerous power tools, among other things.


Regional Prisoner Resistance

january 23: Topeka, Kansas – a County Jail guard fell 20 feet onto a stairwell when he was shoved over a second floor railing. He suffered a fractured skull, facial fractures, a blood clot on his brain, substantial bruising to the face, cracked and bruised ribs, and seven staples to close a wound in the back of his head.

january 31: Pecos, Texas – a riot broke out at the Reeves County Detention Center for the second time in two months. As many as 2,080 rioted after an inmate who needed medical attention was sent to soltary confinement instead. Prisoners took over the guards’ radio communication equipment and the guards retreated from direct confrontation. Fires heavily damaged buildings I and II. It took over 12 hours to regain control of the facility. This is the second riot over medical attention in two months. The RCDC is privately run by the Florida-based GEO Group.

february 7: Pueblo, CO – an inmate of the Colorado Mental Health Institute escaped but was caught over a month later in North Carolina.

april 16: Albuquerque, New Mexico – a fight erupted after a staff member restrained an inmate at the Youth Diagnostic Development Center gymnasium during a bingo event. More than 45 of the 100 inmates were involved in the fight and 6 staff members were hospitalized.

may 6: Boise, Idaho – a guard was injured after being attacked by an inmate in a general housing unit day room at the Idado Correctional Center.

june 11: Denver, CO – an inmate of the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility won a $1.3 million dollar lawsuit against a prison guard who had repeatedly raped her.

june 24: Golden, CO – an inmate of Colorado Correctional Center Camp George West walked out and away from the facility. Police are searching for him.

june 25: Walsenburg, CO – inmates at the Huerfano County Correctional Center were placed on a four-day lock-down after guards found three homemade weapons.

july 2: A man who had escaped from a Colorado prison was caught in a park in Arizona when the police asked for his park permit, and then ran his ID.



july 2: A man who had escaped from a Colorado prison was caught in a park in Arizona when the police asked for his park permit, and then ran his ID.