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Cortez prole pulls a Marvin Heeymeyer

24 Feb

CORTEZ, Colo.—Police say an intoxicated man used a backhoe to flip a car over and smash into a motel in southwest Colorado.

Witnesses say bystanders pulled the man from the machine. He complained of sore ribs but no other injuries were reported.

The incident occurred Saturday in Cortez.

Police spokeswoman Angelia Herrmann says the suspect had been doing work for the motel owners in exchange for a room, but the owners had just ended the arrangement. It’s not clear who owned the backhoe.

Herrmann says a room housing the motel laundry and boiler was destroyed.

Forty-four-year-old Freddy Jaramillo of Cortez was being held on suspicion of driving under the influence, criminal mischief and menacing.

It wasn’t clear if he had a lawyer.