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Teens fight off creep in Thornton

9 Aug

August 5: Two 14-year-old girls fought off a flasher in Thornton this afternoon after the man tried to pull one of the girls into his truck near a bus stop, police said.

The man was initially parked in a lot adjacent to the bus stop and began talking to the girls as they walked to the bus stop, Thornton police said.

He then got out, exposed himself and grabbed one of the girls, who sustained minor scratches on her shoulder in the struggle to get away.


Prison guard confronted for sexually assaulting teens

23 Sep

A Colorado corrections officer (screw) lured two teenage girls into his apartment, offered them alcohol and then sexually assaulted them on Friday in Loveland.

Their friend, who’s our new favorite hero, was with the girls when the screw lured them all in.  She turned down the alcohol and rescued her two friends from the apartment after he started to molest them.  Then she went back to the apartment to confront him, and he threatened to cut her throat.

He was placed on administrative leave from the prison.  Lucky for him, because if the inmates heard about this he could get his own throat cut.

article from the Denver Post

Fox News crew attacked with hoe

29 Aug

The story is from Florida, but the story is too sweet to pass on.   Realize that we at ’til it breaks have to rely on these corporate media assholes for stories even while we hate their guts.  So it don’t get any better than this.

Some pushy reporters with two filming cameras knocked on a door in their search for a sensational story about underage stripping. The lady of the house came out wielding a garden hoe and chased off the reporters, and struck  a video camera with the hoe at least once.

We are not providing the video link because the badass camera-smasher obviously didn’t want to be filmed.

Boulder woman stabs husband to death

3 Aug

Self-defense a likely motive

CBS 4 news:

Boulder police say they have arrested a 36-year-old woman suspected of stabbing her husband to death.

Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley says Traci Housman called police early Sunday saying her husband needed medical attention because she had stabbed him at their home. Authorities have not released the man’s name.

Housman is being held at the Boulder County jail on investigation of second-degree murder. Huntley would not say whether the stabbing happened in self-defense.