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Littleton prole lifts arsenal of weapons from workplace

22 Apr

A 21-year-old gun store employee has been indicted by the federal grand jury in Denver for stealing guns from his employer and possessing machine guns and “destructive devices”.

Officials searched the Littleton home where he lived with his mother and sister and found a green hand grenade, three “destructive devices”, 10 rifles, four pistols, approximately 30 boxes or cans of ammunition which included .50-caliber shells.

Agents also recovered a bullet-proof vest, and more than half a dozen samples of an “unknown powder.”

The man, Andrew Thomas Gunzner, was stopped by Denver police on March 17, after they saw him driving a silver Jeep Cherokee with red overhead emergency lights and siren activated, according to a search warrant filed in Denver District Court.

During a search of the Jeep, Denver officers found various guns, including a Heckler and Koch 9mm machine gun, a Taurus .4-5/410 revolver, a Norinco AK-47 and an FHN 5.7×28 semiautomatic pistol.

They also found numerous pistol magazines, ammunition, handcuffs, an expandable baton, knives, holsters, a flashlight, and flash suppressor and a scope/sight.

During the subsequent investigation, officers discovered that some of the firearms were allegedly stolen by Gunzner from his employer, Littleton-based Prairie Arms Manufacturing.

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