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Anti-police march in Denver pretty rowdy

31 Jan


The anti-police march in Denver Saturday night saw about 150 to 300 people in the streets, hastily-constructed barricades, graffiti on 16th St Mall storefronts, and stickers covering the doors of the jail where Marvin Booker was murdered.

One person was arrested, and released without charges.

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16 Jan


from Queen City Antifa via Colorado Indymedia:


It has been more than six months since the senseless murder of Marvin Booker by the Denver Sheriff’s department. Marvin, a homeless street preacher booked on minor charges, was only asking to grab his shoes when he was choked, beaten and tazed by five jail guards before succumbing to death. His killers were cleared of any wrong-doing, even amidst a roar of public outcry, and internal affairs refuses to release the multi-angle video of the incident to the family or the larger community demanding accountability.

Marvin isn’t the only casualty of Denver’s police. In fact, it’s getting difficult to keep track of how many people have been brutalized by the police across the state this year. Lawsuits are flooding the courts, ranging from accusations of racially motivated assaults to coercive rape. Presently, there are police in the Denver metro area being investigated for sexually abusing children and possessing vast troves of child pornography. The police are shooting first and spinning it in the media later far more often than the typical “isolated incident” pattern their public relations departments shill us. These are not “our neighbors” or “people just trying to do a job.” They are sociopathic, power-hungry, violent fiends. They are our enemies, they are extremely powerful, and they are at war with the people of this city.

But there is resistance. In the last six months, Denver has seen numerous rallies and vigils, and they all too often end in a defeatist state of mourning where participants typically resort to shouting reasonable demands to unreasonable and uncaring institutions which are hardly even listening. There have been marches and demonstrations where revolutionary militants, marginalized people and street folk united to block traffic, trash a police car, and face the cops in the streets. This battle must expand and it won’t stop until there is real justice, vengeance, and palpable accountability. Real actions need to be taken. We will not be stomped on, exploited, or abused by this false authority any longer.

Join us and others at the Denver skate park at 20th and Little Raven on Saturday, January 29th at 6 PM for a demonstration and march through the city. Take a stand against police violence and reclaim the streets for our community. Bring your friends, family, crew or colleagues. On the 29th, we will stand in solidarity with the victims of police violence everywhere, and we will remember Marvin Booker. We will remember the bloodied faces and cracked skulls courtesy of the Denver police. We will be angry, loud, and unforgiving. Our rage won’t be stopped until we are truly free from oppression.


-Queen City Antifa


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Criminal shoots cop, himself in Northglenn armed standoff

6 Jan

A man who Northglenn police say shot a police officer in the shoulder killed himself during a standoff Monday night.

Police went to 1443 Bowman Place about 6:45 p.m. Monday to arrest Matthew Anderson, 40, on three outstanding sex-crime warrants, said Northglenn police spokesman Sgt. Rick Kellogg.

Anderson was wanted on charges of failing to register as a sex offender, Internet sexual exploitation of a child and sexual assault of a child, Kellogg said.

Law enforcement officials, including Adams County sheriff’s deputies, knocked on the door. When there was no answer, the door was opened with a battering ram, Kellogg said.

As officers entered the tri-level home, a man opened fire from upstairs, hitting Northglenn Officer Dennis Alps twice.

One bullet hit Alps in his protective vest, and the other went through the back of his shoulder, exiting through his chest, near the nameplate on his uniform, Kellogg said.

Alps, a seven-year member of the force, was rushed to a local hospital, where he was treated and released. Kellogg said the injured officer was resting at home.

After the shooting, a SWAT team was called in and police surrounded the home.

Police attempted to contact the man inside for several hours. About 2 a.m., a robot equipped with a video camera went into the home and transmitted an image of a body lying at the top of a staircase.

“There was a single gunshot wound to the head,” Kellogg said.

Investigators believe the fatal wound was self-inflicted, Kellogg said.

Criminal runs over cop’s foot during chase

6 Jan

An alleged drunken driver who ran over a Thornton police officer’s foot and was later wounded by gunfire last week was charged Tuesday with a number of felonies, including attempted first-degree murder, Adams County prosecutors said.

Andrew Terry, 35, also was charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, criminal mischief and vehicular eluding related to the 30-minute chase Dec. 28.

Terry, who suffered a minor gunshot wound during the incident, is being held in Adams County Jail on $1 million bail.

Shoplifting spree at Cherry Creek Mall

6 Jan

Two men who went on a shoplifting spree at the Cherry Creek Mall and then assaulted a security guard who tried to stop them are being sought by Denver police.

The pair entered Macy’s department store at the mall on Saturday and shoplifted numerous items, according to Denver investigators.

A store security guard contacted the suspects and was assaulted by one of them, according to Denver police spokesman John White. The two shoplifters then fled the store.

Trucker’s crime spree ends in shootout with cops

6 Jan

GREELEY — A Phoenix truck driver accused of a carjacking and other crimes has been charged with 32 counts, including attempted first-degree murder of a police officer.

Scott Walker, 47, is being held on $2 million bond. He was arrested Dec. 28 at a Greeley-area home where authorities say he smashed through a gate with a stolen cable-TV truck and burst into the house.

He is accused of firing at a sheriff’s deputy before surrendering.