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More school vandalism in Douglas County

18 Mar

Editors’ note: Good to remember that while citizens complain about schools in Denver being closed due to budget cuts, some kids just don’t want school to exist at all.

PARKER, Colo. — Vandals are targeting elementary schools in Douglas County. Mammoth Heights and Cherokee Trail Elementary Schools have been damaged by criminals.

Vandals struck Mammoth Heights on March 2 and 5. A week later, vandals hit nearby Cherokee Trails Elementary School.

The damage was so bad at Cherokee Trails Elementary, the school had to close Monday. Parker police said the HVAC system on the roof of the school was damaged. 7NEWS learned it’s estimated that $4,300 worth of damage occurred.

A spokeswoman for the Douglas County school district did not want to discuss specifics about the crimes, stating they were open investigations.

Sgt. Ron Hanavan, of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said the criminals may be elementary aged children. He said nothing was stolen from the school, only damaged.

Mammoth Heights had over $5,000 worth of estimated damage.


Extensive vandalism forces Parker elementary school to close

14 Mar

Cherokee Trail Elementary School will be closed Monday because of “extensive” vandalism.

Parker Police confirm the vandalism happened Saturday night on the rooftop of the school. Police say the heating and air conditioning units were damaged.

Douglas County School District Spokesperson Susan Meeks says the school will be closed Monday, March 14 and could be closed for more days while crews repair the damage.

There is no estimate on how much damage was done.

The case is under investigation.

One thousand students walk out, ten thousand march against SB 1070

3 May

On Friday, over 1,000 students walked out of their classes and marched to the capitol building in Denver in protest of Arizona’s fascist anti-immigrant bill SB 1070.

Corporate story here.

Independent media story here.

The next day, May Day, about 10,000 people marched on the capitol against SB 1070 while another march of about 500 people with anti-captialist revolutionary tendencies, including an anarchist bloc, marched another route.

Vandals trash Lakewood elementary school

1 Apr

Two teens were arrested early this morning after they allegedly ransacked a Lakewood elementary school, destroying school property valued at at least $20,000.

“They tore up the inside of the school,” said Lakewood Police Department spokesman Steve Davis.

Windows, computers, musical instruments and furniture were destroyed.

The vandals damaged the entire school including classrooms, offices, the library and hallways said Melissa Reeves, spokeswoman for the Jeffco Public Schools.

Davis said Lakewood police were notified by schools security officers at 3:50 a.m. that they believed there were vandals inside Stein Elementary School, 80 S. Teller St.

When police arrived, they could see lights being turned on and off and heard noises from inside the school.

A perimeter was established and a police dog was also brought to the scene.

A short time later, two suspects came out of the school, were confronted by police and ran away.

Officers chased the suspects for a few blocks before the teens were arrested. They were identified as Lee David Abeyta and Elvis Blackelk Vigil, both 18.

Davis said police are looking for a third suspect.

Abeyta and Vigil were booked at the Lakewood Police Department and then transferred to the Jefferson County Jail.

They are being held for investigation of second- and third-degree burglary, second-degree trespass, criminal mischief and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Davis said additional charges are likely.

Class War Now: banner drop in Boulder

5 Mar

Anonymous communique:

On Thursday, March 4th, a banner was dropped from the rooftop of the University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado, in solidarity with the student uprising in California, and with resisters of the capitalist state everywhere. The banner read:

Free the Debt Slaves
Usurp the Profiteer
Free University Today!
Class War Now

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So what if all the colleges burn down? (we don’t really care)

4 Mar

Just in time for March 4th, a shout-out to DFUK coming out of neighborly Arizona:

…Our work around the University consists of using it as strategic location to cause ruptures, confront enemies, build alternatives, and explore ideas. At the very least it is a place with a lot of resources for us to take…

Boulder frat boys getting smashed a lot

25 Nov

Members of a Boulder fraternity are fed up with vandalism at their University Hill house, and they’re taking steps to fight back.

Matt Ullrich, president of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at 911 17th St., said Tuesday that the organization has been the target of multiple acts of vandalism in recent weeks.

“I’ve been here for three years, and I’ve never seen stuff this bad,” Ullrich said.

Ullrich, 20, said someone, either Friday night or early Saturday morning, used a rock to smash a window on the second floor of the ZBT house. The window backs up to the organization’s parking lot and a park behind University Hill Elementary School.

Boulder police are investigating a similar string of vandalism that was reported on University Hill early Saturday morning, although a police spokeswoman said no one reported the incident at the fraternity and so police are unsure if the events are related.

The weekend incident at the ZBT house is the second time in as many weeks that the fraternity has been targeted, Ullrich said. Last week, two windows at the house were broken, along with a sliding glass door that opens to a bedroom.

Earlier in the semester, the fraternity members found five cars in their private parking lot with broken side mirrors. Two cars had cinder blocks tossed through the windshields.

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